Upcoming Events

Check out our Termcard for Michaelmas 2021:


Wednesday 6th – Welcome and Q&A – 7pm

Saturday 9th – Games Night

Tuesday 12th – Bowling Night – 5pm

Saturday 16th – LGBT Families Meet

Sunday 17th – FUSE x LGBT+ Campaign Freshers’ Brunch

Saturday 30th – Speed Friending


Friday 5th – BME Coffee

Saturday 6th – Welfare Tea

Saturday 13th – Pub Night

Saturday 20th – Trans Day of Remembrance

Friday 26th – Women’s Coffee

Tuesday 30th – Bowling Night


Wednesday 1st – Film Night

For up-to-date details, check our Facebook page!


Sundays – Ace/Aro/Questioning Coffee

Sundays – Trans/NB Coffee

Week 3 and 6 – Open Meeting

FUSE Termcard

FUSE, the society for BME LGBT+ people, have also released their termcard – follow FUSE on Facebook here and Instagram here.

In addition, to keep up with all of our future events, follow us on Facebook.

Suggestions and Feedback

Do you have suggestions for a future event, or feedback on a past event? Feel free to contact us about anything, from improving accessibility and approachability, to ideas for completely new events or co-hosting events with other campaigns and societies. If you have had experience of LGBT+phobia in any form, either at our events or anywhere else in Cambridge, check out our LGBT+phobia contact form here. For welfare-related issues see welfare/contactus.