Practical information

Practical Information: within the University and Beyond

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How can I change my name and title with the University?

It is not a requirement to have a deed poll or similar to do this and simply stating that you intend to transition, or that you are trans is enough. Unfortunately if you don’t give them a deed poll or similar your degree certificate will be made in your old name, as it is a legal document, but your correct name can still be read out at graduation provided you inform them of this in advance.

If you do change your name and/or title by deed poll or statutory declaration while you are at University, you will need to let the University know through your tutorial office.

If you are a graduate student, you should take your deed poll or passport to the Board of Graduate Studies (BoGS). They will take a photocopy and will notify your Department and College and change your name on CamSiS.

You will also need to contact your University Card rep (in college or department) to obtain a new University Card.

Can I change my CRSid after I have changed my name?

Yes, it is possible to change your CRSid with the Computing Service, but your old CRSid will only be valid for a limited amount of time after your new CRSid has been issued.

Can I change my gender on CamSiS?

Yes, simply request this to be done through your tutorial office or email CamSIS directly. If you have a non-binary gender identity, as of August 1st 2012 it is possible for your gender to be recorded as “other”. These records can be changed at any time.

Can I change my title on CamSiS or have my title removed?

Yes, it is possible to have your title changed or removed. Graduates need to write to the Board of Graduate Studies to change this.

How can I change my legal gender with the University if I have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC)?

There is no requirement to record ‘legal’ gender anywhere in the university and so a GRC is not required. If you wish, you may request that any notes attached to your records that identify you as trans* be removed (we are unsure whether any of this exists, though you may wish to do it for peace of mind).

Can I wear the clothes of the gender I present as to my graduation ceremony?

Yes. As of October 2013, any student can wear any of the approved styles of dress to their graduation, though these will continue to be strictly enforced. If there are any problems, you can write to the Senior Proctor, Mr James Trevithick (King’s College) at

Who can I contact if I have any problems or difficulties?

The official Cambridge department with responsibility for compliance with the Equality Act 2010, under which trans people’s rights are protected, is Equality and Diversity (,email However, we would recommend that your first port of call be the CUSU LGBT+ Trans rep (, who can help you to mediate any issues in confidence.