Student Experience 3

“CUSU LGBT+ really has been foundational to providing a new range of social experiences since I came out in October 2012, some two years after matriculating here at Cambridge. The LGBT+ community here has been nothing but welcoming, inclusive, and friendly to me. I’ve managed to meet some of my closest friends from mingling at Spectrum, the weekly LGBT+ club night, and college socials, in addition to those friends I already had before the time seemed right to be more open about my partner preferences.

My college has a thriving LGBT+ community, representing people from all walks of life, so I felt more at home at university than ever before when I got to express who I really felt I was with people who non-judgementally accepted that. Plus, knowing there are two tiers of support available through college and CUSU LGBT+ is comforting, but before coming out my knowledge of the community here was limited. I think not everyone is aware of the support networks available to them, and we should be all the louder because of that.

To prospective students reading this, I would say really take the initiative and get involved, not only in the student politics side of things, but in all the great stuff Cambridge LGBT+ life has to offer. Good luck 🙂 “