Student Experience 2

“I decided to come out when I got to uni because it seemed easier (instead of having to correct people’s assumptions, they could just know I wasn’t straight from the start). Personally, I have had a very positive experience at many levels, for example: my teachers, while sometimes ignorant about LGBT+ issues, have often been willing to discuss them respectfully (in language oral classes, for example); I have made lots of fantastic friends with whom I have experiences and concerns in common; I am involved with running LGBT+ stuff; I feel more comfortable in Cambridge town than I would in many other cities.

Of course, things could improve, for example: LGBT+ events are often very male-heavy, leaving other people such as myself feeling a bit out of place (also unhelpful if you mainly fancy women and were hoping to pull…); biphobia is not always challenged, both in LGBT+ and general settings; my college could be much more proactive things like removing gendered terms from dress codes.

My experience at Cambridge has been, overall, very enjoyable. It is easy for me to find spaces which I feel comfortable in and people to hang out with, and students etc. tend to be respectful regarding LGB stuff.”