Lists & Groups

We have a Facebook page and  a variety of different email listings and Facebook groups which you can join, and contribute to. There are also links to groups that we work with on a regular basis.


[LISTINGS] is a mailing list for announcements which may be relevant to LGBT+ students in Cambridge, and is very low volume – you’ll receive one or two messages a week. Most importantly, this list provides a weekly email from CUSU LGBT+ that gives you details of all the LGBT+ events we know about in Cambridge!

Any member of the University can join this list. Only members of the Committee can post to this list.

Discussion Lists

CUSU LGBT+ also maintains several discussion email lists. Anyone can email the list, and their message is then sent to all subscribers. The membership of all of these lists is confidential, and will not be disclosed to anyone. However, if you email a message to one of the lists, your identity will be revealed, as your message will be seen to have come from you. Also, to avoid abuse these lists are moderated by members of the Committee, who may block messages and subscribers at their discretion.

Discuss List

for general discussion within the LGBT+ community

Bisexual and Lesbian University Email (BLUE)

a discussion list for bisexual and lesbian women in Cambridge

Bisexual List

a discussion list for bisexual students in Cambridge

Grad List

discussion email list for LGBT+ graduate students in Cambridge; it is particularly useful during undergraduate vacations when Listings does not run

Trans List

for anyone who is trans, is a trans ally or is interested in trans issues and events in Cambridge. This is a safer space for trans people (and everyone else for that matter) so there is a strict no bigotry, transphobia or personal attacks policy

Staff List

Cambridge University runs an LGBT+ Network for all staff and fellows from all colleges and faculties within the University, providing work support and socialising opportunities. This list is run by an organistation external to CUSU LGBT+.


Even though we usually include event information in Listings, for those who like to organise events through Facebook we have a slew of well-curated Facebook groups too. We maintain both a page and a main group. The page is mostly used for advertising and hosting our committee-run events, whilst the group is open for anyone to post anything LGBT+ related, such as external events, news and general socialising. We also tend to use seperate pages for active campaigns.


Click here to visit the Facebook group (Please note that this is an external group not managed by CUSU LGBT+)