Listings 26/01/15

Here are this weeks events all in one place!

Monday 26/01

7.15pm – Trans-positive Feminism Talk @ St John’s College, Boys Smith Room

In response to the invitation of Germaine Greer to speak at the Union, CUSU LGBT+ and CUSU Women’s Campaign are hosting a joint event to celebrate and discuss the history of trans feminism, and think through how feminism can be made more trans-inclusive.

Former Cambridge City counsellor and trans feminist activist Sarah Brown has been invited to speak. Meet at 7.10 outside John’s. Details here!

10pm – Kaleidoscope @ Kuda (Life)

CUSU LGBT+ and Kuda are excited to bring you the third instalment new weekly LGBT+ club night in Cambridge – Kaleidoscope!


There are gender-neutral bathrooms.

Wednesday 28/01

7pm – Get Real. Launch Party @ Trinity College, Wolfson Party Room

Get Real. is proud to announce the launch party of its first print issue. Wristbands for reduced entry to Fez will be available so get keen for a great night. Event details HERE!

Thursday 29/01

10.30pm – _Oh! Rama @ The Fountain

Wobble on down to the THIRD Oh! Rama, at the top floor attic of the Fountain of Love, for another wild and wayward celebration of all things queer and dandy. £2 entry and gender-neutral bathrooms.

Friday 30/01

7.30pm – Gender Neutral Ceilidh @ Emmanuel UCR (opposite Pembroke)

Event page HERE

Cambridge University Amnesty International is hosting an exciting gender neutral ceilidh, throwing away gendered calling in order to open this fantastically fun, traditional folk dance to those who don’t identify within the gender binary! Tickets £7 at or £8 on the door. Click here to get them before they’re gone!

“If you have never been to a ceilidh before, there are two things that you need to know. Firstly, it’s pronounced ‘kaylee’ and secondly they are very fun! Similar to country or barn dances, there will be live music played by the wonderful Cambridge University Ceilidh Band. Instructions are shouted out by a ‘caller’ and walked through a couple of times, then the band joins in and you follow what eveyone else does. You need no dancing skills whatsoever and if you have a poor concept of right and left this only makes the night more amusing!

Since the ceilidh is gender neutral there will be no gendered calling, and we have a ‘caller’ who has experience hosting gender neutral ceilidhs. All profits made will be donated to Amnesty International which works to protect the rights of LGBT+ identifying people across the world.

Saturday 31/01

11am – Trans coffee @ Clowns

Come meet other trans folk in Cambridge for a chat over coffee and Italian food. The group will be downstairs and easily identifiable by their toy ostrich.

Sunday 01/02

4pm – LGBT+ Coffee @ Clowns

Come meet other LGBT+ folk in Cambridge for a chat over coffee and some Italian food.

Saturday 07/02

10pm – Dive @ King’s Bunker

LGBT+ at King’s Bunker. ENTRY £2 // FREE AT 10 // DRINKS £2/£4. Event details HERE!

Saturday 14/02

TBC – Anti-Valentine’s Day Event

An event in celebration of aromantic and asexual folk on Valentine’s Day. The plan at the moment is some sort of non-alcoholic speaker event at 5pm and a party afterwards but WATCH THIS SPACE!

Monday 16/02

7pm (TBC) – “What is love?” DISCUSSION NIGHT (Venue TBC – Follow the Facebook Page for more details.)

This is a discussion about that weird elusive thing called love. Why is everyone chasing after it? What’s the big deal? Think about Valentines Day from an aromantic perspective. Can asexuals ever find love? What about asexual-sexual partnerships? Again precise details to be confirmed.

16/02-22/02 – Non-romantic “secret valentines” in celebration of aromantic awareness week

If people could email, their name and college to get involved. Idea is to get silliest/funniest present for under £5 and send via UMS by 16th Feb. Extra points if its aro-related. Open to all, but with a focus on raising aromantic awareness.