Student experiences project

LGBT+ student experiences project

WHAT? We are collecting experiences from current and recent LGBT+ students, intended primarily as a resource for freshers and applicants.

WHY? Because the alternative prospectus has ONE LGBT+ perspective in it, which is clearly too narrow, and because and because this is something a lot of students think about before they arrive.

WHO? Anyone who is a current student, or recently graduated, and identifies under or associates themself with the LGBT+ umbrella can contribute. More specifically, we would really love to be able to share experiences which often get left out of Gay/Lesbian-centric LGBT+ information (such as in the Alternative prospectus). But the more the merrier!

You can write about any or all LGBT+-related parts of your identity, regardless of which email list you received this email from.

WHERE? Here!


Student Experience 1
Student Experience 2
Student Experience 3
Student Experience 4
Student Experience 5

You can of course remain anonymous, and request to have your contribution removed or made anonymous at any time.

WHEN? This is an ongoing project.

HOW? How to contribute:

Tell us how you’ve experienced the university, both inside and outside college, and Cambridge in general and how this has related to your identity. Tell us what you would have liked to have known before you came here and anything that you think will be of use to prospective students. Once you’ve finished email it to Frances at

Things you might like to think about: your subject, your college, social events, CUSU LGBT+, examples of prejudice, ignorance and discrimination, examples of inclusion and good practice, extracurriculars such as sport, Cambridge the city.

These will be proof-read by me (Frances) – If I want to make any edits beyond spelling and punctuation and so on, I will get in touch with you first.

Any questions?