Website overhaul!

I’ve given the website a long overdue revamp, improving the graphics and organisation of our pages. Loads of work was put into turning this site into a significant knowledgebase of all stuff LGBT+, unfortunately more recent committees have yet to continue that until now. From now on we’ll be posting listings and events here, and making more of an effort to introduce more people around the university to the advice and information on here.

If you’d like to contribute to any of the pages we’d be extremely grateful. Right now our trans stuff is pretty solid, however we’re severely lacking on information about things like sexual consent, intersex issues, asexual issues, intersectional themes within the LGBT+ community, to name a few. If you have anything you’d like added, feel free to get in touch at


Spectrum Feedback

We need your opinions on Spectrum! We want to make sure that Spectrum is as inclusive as possible to everyone across the LGBT+ community in Cambridge, but to do so, we need your thoughts. What do you like about it? What would you improve? Is there anything putting you off going? Please let us know in the survey below, and hopefully we can ensure Spectrum is a night everyone across the LGBT+ spectrum can enjoy.

The following is the link to the survey:

Congratulations! And Welcome to Cambridge!

On behalf of all the Exec, a massive congratulations on getting in to Cambridge, and welcome! We’re currently busy planning a great Freshers week for you (on top of what your colleges have already planned). Check out our Freshers page for more information! Congratulations once again and see you in October!

Candidates for Chair & President 2012

Summary: The candidates and manifestos can be found below, hustings are at 7.30pm tomorrow at Sidney Sussex and voting is online from 8am Wednesday till noon on Thursday and on paper 1pm – 4pm on Thursday.

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the candidates for the elections are as follows:


Charlie Bell

David Borg




Freya Ferguson

Anthony Woodman & Emma Brookes



RON stands for re open nominations and, if ‘elected’, the position will be reopened.

The manifestos are at the bottom of this email.

Hustings will take place at Sidney Sussex tomorrow. We will meet at the plodge (opposite Sainsburys) at 7.30pm and then head up to the room. It’s a bit of a maze to find it, so please arrive on time so you can come up with us. If you do arrive late, please ask for directions to Seminar Room 1. The room is accessible, but please arrive in plenty of time as you will need to be let in through another route.

Chair – Charlie Bell

The role of CUSU Chair is an important one; both to allow a functioning executive to exist, and also to help shape and refine the direction of travel so as to be in the best interests of the membership. It is vitally important that we have an executive that can discuss things openly and honestly, in particular differing political and personal views. An aim would be to help create the environment for such a team, that properly connects with anyone defining as LGBT, at Cambridge. Meetings should be easily attended, events should be tailored to demand, and openness and clarity help to achieve this aim. These things are best done as part of a partnership; we should give a new emphasis to connecting with other LGBT organisations, either at student or national level, further afield. We must remain non party-political, but can use other organisations to help further the aims of the executive and the wider community. I would like to give a lot of time and effort to increasing the Trans profile this year, to enable those in the office of Trans reps to be able to push further ahead with Think outside the Box and associated campaigns. At the same time, it is important to help the President acheive their agenda, and I believe this is best done by full debate, discussion and hard work on the part of each member of the executive. Being on CUSU LGBT is a privilege and we should treat it as that. At the same time, we must make sure that we offer a variety of events and services to anyone who wants to access them, not forgetting that the university has staff, academics, grads and undergrads. Ents can be more varied and I will help the Ents reps to acheive this.

Chair – David Borg

Hi, my name is David and I’m a second year mathematics student. I think I would be great chair because I’m interested in things that many people find boring, like statues and numbers. I was on the committee last year as Bi-rep so I have a decent knowledge of how things are run. I have been involved in the running various societies for the last 4-5 years, mainly back home in Sweden. I have experience in: managing finances, interpreting and even rewriting statues, chairing meetings, writing minutes and negotiating with corporations. I’m committed to use all my skills and knowledge to ensure the smooth running of the CUSU LGBT campaign during this coming year.


President – Freya Ferguson

The focus of CUSU LGBT must be inclusivity and welfare. As President, I would ensure that all members of the LGBT+ community in Cambridge feel well supported by a wide range of awareness-raising and social events.

Having been Women’s Rep for CUSU LGBT, as well as LGBT Rep for the Women’s exec, I understand the workings of an autonomous campaign – what works, and also what needs to change.

As President, I would encourage communication between CUSU LGBT and college LGBT Reps, as well as between Reps of different colleges. This would help all LGBT events to receive the publicity and attendance they deserve, as well as ensuring that everyone of a sexual and/or gender minority feels fully supported by welfare and social activities, whatever their college.

I feel that much more could be done to combat prejudice and celebrate diversity, especially during Awareness Week. Speaker events would also play an important part in raising awareness throughout the year. I would like to see support for mental health within the LGBT+ community; the promotion of safe sex; and support for those who have not yet ‘come out’ or are in the process of ‘coming out’.

Socials are hugely important for offering this kind of support. As Women’s Rep, I have encouraged the development of a supportive, inclusive women’s community. I believe I could do the same for CUSU LGBT as a whole. I would ensure that socials are accessible for everyone by encouraging a wide range of events – from formals, drinks evenings and parties to coffee groups, picnics and film screenings.

I have a strong record of organizing and attending socials, and as President, I would continue to be a highly visible member of the Exec – someone people could talk to, someone people get to know, someone to lead the campaign.


President – Anthony Woodman & Emma Brookes

CUSU LGBT has come a long way this year, but is still nowhere near as relevant to most LGBTers as it could be. If elected, we will focus CUSU LGBT, and its resources, on the two things the vast majority of people find most important, by far: coming out, and meeting people.

LGBT Parenting, launched by Anthony last year, was successful because it helped with both. It introduced people to others, meaning that people never had to attend freshers’ week events alone. It increased turnout, created friendships, and helped people feel more comfortable about themselves. We want to do more things like this 2012-2013.

Ents and socials need to better match what people want. There are two clubnights, yet there remain few low-pressure, informal chances to meet other people. The [nd] launch parties are extremely popular, yet happen only once a term. If elected, we will run more events like this, and overhaul ents and socials more generally, ensuring we run the things people really want to go to.

The reps system remains crucial. We would encourage the new coordinator to run more networking events for reps, encouraging more things to happen between colleges, and we would allocate funding to make sure this was possible.

Politics is important, and CUSU LGBT must remain able to take political positions when required, but this should never be divisive. No individual is obliged to be politically active, and a political minority should never browbeat the majority into taking a certain position.

If you agree with the direction Anthony has taken this year, but think we need to go 10 times further, if you want CUSU LGBT to focus on issues achingly important to the 99%, and if you want CUSU LGBT completely transformed into something fresh and relevant, then please vote for us.