Submit, you know you want to

Hello all,

Hope you’re all having wonderful times doing whatever it is you may be doing at this summery time!

This is just a little email to remind you that I’m always looking for submissions, and with the Freshers’ Week edition looming it would be great to have a really interesting one to show them that Cambridge can – occasionally – be nice, fun, friendly, fluffy and lovely. Amongst other things.

ANYWAY I’d still love any of the following:

– Comment

– LGBT+ news

– Creative things

– Student experiences (just a little 100-200 word thing about LGBT+ stuff in Cambridge. Not too taxing!)

It would be great if these were more fresher-centric, as it were, so think of that was the theme – or maybe, more broadly, ‘new beginnings’.

The deadline is the penultimate week of September.

I really look forward to hearing from you (Go on – it doesn’t take long!)!

Ben Hawkins

[nd] Editor

[No Definition] entries

Hi all!

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted any articles &c. to me for [no definition], however I’m still on the lookout for more stuff of all varieties (the more the merrier), and I’m also adding a new section which literary- artistically minded people might be keen on:


If anyone would like to review books/films/exhibitions/plays and the like (basically anything that interests you!) which deal with LGBT+ issues (this can be Love and Sex, but needn’t necessarily be). They needn’t be contemporary, just interesting. As for the reviews themselves: anything up to 1000 words is acceptable, and they can be as creative, contemplative and personal as you like – think _London Review of Books_ if you know it!

And besides, of course, keep the opinion pieces and suchlike coming! I’ll be doing a call out for people willing to help design the magazine itself soon, so if you’re interested by all means contact me.

Hope you exams are not damaging your health in permanent ways.


Benedict Hawkins

Editor – [no definition]



Hola! Again everyone,

This term’s [no definition] has, I can now confirm, a theme. A big thank you to everyone who responded. To all of you who didn’t: shame on you. A plague on all your houses.

That, of course, is a joke.

This term’s theme is LOVE AND SEX. I did, needless to say, recommend that theme and either many of you listened to me or I’ve ignored you all. Make of it what you will.

Now that this is decided, many of you may still feel inclined to write/draw/create/plagiarise something for this term’s edition and now is the time.

The process is easy. Take a break from your essaying or revising, ignore the urge to enjoy the sunshine (if it’s raining all the better), pick up pen/start up laptop and do your stuff. When it’s completed, send it to me in a pleasant email or put it in my pigeon hole in Queens’ (preferably with chocolate, money &c.) If you could include some brief biographical stuff (If you want to) at the top that too would be marvellous!

It’d be great to get as diverse a corpus of opinions and media as possible, so I do urge you to get creating! Thanks to those who have already shown interest.

All the very (very) best,


THIS EASTER’S [no definition]

Hello all,

In case you don’t know who I am – which would not surprise me in the least, I rarely do myself – I’m your new [no definition] editor. This is just a short and sweet missive asking your opinions/suggestions and telling you a little about what is occurring in the magical world of the magazine this Easter term.

I’d like firstly to ask you to participate in deciding a theme for this term’s edition. I’ve whittled it down to the smart number of four, and its down to you to decide which nominee will be in with a chance to win the star prize. (I’ll come up with more attractive names after, so just focus on the ideas) The contestants are: 1) History: the struggle from persecution to liberation and beyond (or something like that…) 2) Politics 3) Culture and Art 4) Love and Sex

To me the last seems most cheery, but don’t let me influence your decision. Just email me your suggestions in a friendly but not /too/ casual way. Be civil and professional.

I am also now going to begin to compile a nice list of all those who are interested in helping with this term’s edition. Just email me giving your name (or a witty-pseudonym or nom de plume) and your interest(s). These might include, but are not limited to:



Graphics (designing the layout etc.)



Creative work (stories, poems, cartoons &c.)

This term I shall break with tradition I fear and launch the magazine/after/ exams at an event such as the garden party, when you all have enough time on your hands to read magazines instead of revision cramming and frenzied reading.

I think that’s everything for now. Thus it only remains for me to say goodbye, and that I look forward with great anticipation to hearing from your lovely selves.

All the best,

Benedict Hawkins

[ND] Launch

Roll up, roll up, it’s the [no definition] magazine Lent term launch!

[no definition] is the CUSU LGBT termly magazine. Each issue has a distinct theme – this one’s is Politics. It’s free, it’s fantastic, and its first unveiling is at the [nd] launch. So come pick up a copy and flick through to get a taste of Cambridge Uni queer poetry, prose, and art!

The event is completely free, and completely open: come one, come all, to enjoy the no doubt splendid music selection, and the very best booze and nibbles that Cambridge’s supermarkets have to offer.

Location: Chetwynd Room, King’s College (fully accessible, through the bar, ask porters for directions if ya need em)
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Price: Freeee
Dress code: Fabulous

We will, of course, be heading out to Spectrum afterwards, so get your £2 wristbands at the launch!



[nd] Launch @ Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex, Wednesday 31/10 from 20:00

Join us for a super-special [nd] Launch + Halloween Party on the 31st October at Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex College, 8-10pm! Not only will there be lots of copies of our lovely new edition of [no definition], our termly magazine, which is this term themed around ‘bodies’ – there will also be the usual mountain of *free* drinks and food! And as if this wasn’t exciting enough already, we’ll be adding a spooky twist with Halloween themed sweets and decorations! There is also a chance to win some fabulous prizes including jars of sweets and bottles of bubbly in our Halloween costume competition! – so get your vampire fangs and your witches’ hats on and head on down! Everyone who comes to [nd] launch will also be able to get tickets for ‘Spectre at Spectrum’, our fabulous Halloween club-night, at the reduced price of £2!!

Call for ND submissions!

Hey all,

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer (or managing to dodge the thunder storms, if you’re in England!).

This is the official call for submissions for Michaelmas 2012’s edition of [no definition] magazine! Please forward on to any interested folk!

I realise it’s summer, everyone’s got sun (rain) to enjoy, and half of you have probably graduated – but think on how self-righteous and satisfied you’ll feel having brewed me up some wonderful piece of art or writing to sell the gay agenda to all next year’s freshers! (nb: joke. Please don’t sue.)

Or if that ain’t working for you, just write something for me because otherwise all those freshers are going to have to read an entire magazine full of what I did all summer. Which is interesting to me, but…

The theme is bodies!

How does your body affect your sexuality? What about the politics of ‘looking gay’ versus the policing of LGBT club nights? How do body positivity movements tie in with the LGBT movement? What are the dynamics of LGBT bodies & sports/fitness? Do you believe sexuality is essentially bodily-based, or do you radically oppose such stances and why? How do you feel your sexuality affects your gender presentation? Are androgynous bodies priveleged? How can the LGBT movement intersect with the body positive movement? How has your LGB/T status affected your view of, or interaction with, sex?

These are just a few ideas I’ve dreamt up – by no means feel limited to them! As ever, we welcome submissions in any format, with an upper word limit of 2000. One paragraph of opinion is just as welcome as an essay. You can be anonymous or under a pseudonym, just let me know. I’m happy to chat to anyone if you’re unsure about your ideas. Submissions are welcome from everyone – you don’t have to be affiliated with the uni or anything! It would be great to get a wide variety of entrants.

The deadline is August 16th! That gives y’all about six long weeks to get thinking & making!

Do hit me up if you’re contemplating submitting, so I can make a wonderful organised list of you all and know how much I need to harass you! Don’t feel any pressure to perform – I’m happy to chat if you’ve got any questions, without any commitment!

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to hear from you (yes, you),

p.s. Do let me know if you want any back issues, paper or PDF, and I’ll see it gets sorted out.

Emi Dunn

Do something this summer other than sleep and wait glumly for the rain to stop: contribute to [no definition]!!


Get your name up in lights! Or at least printed on 120gsm gloss paper! Yes, this is your chance to contribute to the next issue (to be published Michaelmas 2011) of [no definition], Cambridge University’s best (only) LGBT magazine. All forms of contribution are welcome, including but not limited to articles, poetry, creative writing, illustrations and photography. Submissions can be on any topic or theme, but if you need some inspiration the over-arching theme of this issue will be ‘LGBT sub-cultures’. Last issue (Easter 2011) we looked at how LGBT people have assimilated into mainstream heterosexual cultural institutions. This time we’re looking at diversity within the LGBT community itself. Can we (and should we) even call ourselves a community? Have you been irritated all the way through this spiel by my use of the letters ‘LGBT’? Are you involved in / interested in / supporting of / antagonistic to a particular sexual or cultural sub-culture? Whether you want to write about gay male participation in heavy metal or the Stow-on-the-Wold lesbian sex-dungeon circuit, we want to hear from YOU. (Particularly about the latter.)

Please send all contributions and queries to,
NOT the lgbt-editor address. If you want to have a look at past
issues, you can check them out online here:

Hattie Jones
[no definition] editor