As well as providing welfare support and organising events for LGBT+ students in the University of Cambridge, CUSU LGBT+ does a lot of campaigning on behalf of its members. A large part of this consists of quietly bringing small-scale issues to the attention of relevant authorities, but CUSU LGBT+ often also runs sub-campaigns – these aim to provide a collective voice to the concerns of community members when there is a more wide-ranging issue about which the members feel strongly.

We are about to launch a sub-campaign called Make No Assumptions, in which we are trying to raise awareness of transgender and non-binary gender identities. Please check back here soon for more details.
We are always keen to hear from our members about our campaigns, whether it’s giving feedback on our active campaigns or a proposal for a new campaign. The Campaigns Officer would be more than happy to respond to any ideas you may have. In addition, we are eager to encourage wider participation in our campaigns, and if you would be interested in getting involved please get in touch with us – we could always use a helping hand.