Anti-Identity Policing Policy

Cambridge SU LGBT+ believes in creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBT+ students. As such, we believe that policing someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity is not conducive to the environment we want to provide. To this end, Cambridge SU LGBT+ reserves the right to ban anyone who purposefully challenges or polices someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity from our Facebook groups or any events organised by us. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Refusing to acknowledge someone’s sexual and/or romantic orientation and/or gender identity;
  • Refusing to use someone’s pronouns;
  • Implying that someone in a heterosexual or straight-passing relationship does not belong in the LGBT+ community (e.g. someone who is bi/pan/ace/trans etc.);
  • Suggesting that someone does not belong in a particular space;
  • Obliging someone to disclose their identity against their will.