The CUSU LGBT+ committee are elected for year-long terms, with half the roles being elected in late November (end of Michaelmas term), and the other half in late February (end of Lent term). The current committee is listed below.

President – Liam Plimmer

Hey, I’m Liam [he/him], and I’m the current President of CUSU LGBT+! I’m a second-year Engling at Downing, and when I’m not busy analysing enjambment, I’m co-ordinating the Campaign – making sure everything is running smoothly! – attending and voting at CUSU Council, attending CUSU executive meetings, meeting with the University administration and student (and other) groups – lots of meetings! – and helping with the organisation and running of events. If you have any questions about anything, particularly the political or administrative running of the campaign, feel free to get in touch – either via email or Facebook!

Chair – April Jakso

Events Officer – John Cooper

Hi, I’m John [he/him], a first year Compsci at Downing, and I’m the Ents officer for CUSU LGBT+. This means I’m responsible for all the community wide events done by the committee, including our annual rainbow ball and garden party as well as our always popular bar socials! If you want to keep up to date with what events are happening and when, it’s best to check out our Facebook page and join the Facebook groups. If you want to suggest events, want help running/publicising your own events, or want to ask me about anything else at all, you can email me, or message me on Facebook.

Campaigns Officer – Coral Dalitz

Hi! I’m Coral (she/her), and I’m a second year student of Classics at St John’s. As Campaigns Officer I organise the political side of CUSU LGBT+, raising awareness about LGBT+ and intersectional issues, providing support, information, welfare and advocacy for students, and working for positive change to attitudes and policies. Our current “Why Gender-Neutral?” campaign aims to make space for non-binary identities within the university, particularly focusing on toilets, dress-codes and admin. I’ll also be collaborating with Student Minds on a campaign to improve mental health services for LGBT+ students within the university. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you encounter any issues you’d like help with, or if you spot anything you think we should know about. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions about the campaigns, I’d love to hear from you too!

Welfare Officer –  Rich Bartlett

Hey hey hey, my name is Rich (pronouns he/she/whatever) and I’m your current Welfare officer! I have both my first aid and mental health first aid qualifications. I also work part time as a disability support worker. As part of this role, I underwent training in mental as well as physical health. In addition, I have been a voice and advocate for LGBT+ mental health, appearing on national television, the press and radio in Australia.

As part of my role, I hope to make sure you are as happy and healthy as possible while at university. I can provide referrals for relevant mental and physical health services. Additionally, I run weekly welfare drop-in sessions which are advertised on Facebook. I’m also happy to arrange to meet up at different times and different locations to the advertised drop-in sessions. Furthermore, I run an anonymous text service.

Finance Officer –  Daniel Quigley

Hi, I’m Daniel (he/him), I’m a first year Music student in Magdalene and I am the new finance officer for CUSU LGBT+. It is my job to ensure that everything that the committee does is funded. This means working with the rest of the committee members as they organise their respective events. I am also responsible for working to source external funding for the committee in collaboration with CUSU so that we are able to run more events, and run them more effectively.

Communications – April Jakso

Hello! I’m April (she/her, they/them), and I am a second year English student at Downing College. As CUSU LGBT+ Communications Officer, my main role is to take minutes at meetings, then send these out as part of our weekly listings e-mail, alongside any upcoming LGBT+ events or notices. Please do sign up to the mailing list, and do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to be included in the listings, or would like to otherwise publicize an event!

Magazine Editors – Jess Sharpe & Sona Popat

Hi! I’m Jess (she/her), a 3rd year History and Philosophy of Science student at Newnham. I am one of this year’s Magazine Editors (my third role on the committee, so I am also serving as the campaign’s source of acquired wisdom!). This role includes commissioning, publicising and editing Get Real., CUSU LGBT+’s zine for any and all LGBT+ writing/articles/stories/poems/art/collages/comics/etc, etc, etc. Send any ideas or masterpieces to If I am not freaking out over some cool woman scientist, you can find me baking, cycling, writing or volunteering doing science-y museum-y things. I am also the Library Officer so maintain our section of the CUSU Liberation Library – contact me at if you want to request a book or library related event!

Asexual and Aromanticism Rep – Jenny Hay

Hi! I’m Jenny, a theology student at St Catharine’s, and your asexuality and aromanticism (aka ace/aro) rep. I’ll do my best to ensure that every student in Cambridge who falls anywhere on the ace or aro spectra, or is questioning if they do, feels safe and welcome, and I plan to host lots of fun events throughout the year, including the now-legendary weekly coffee meets. I also seek to be a friendly face around the uni for any ace/aro students who want a chat and some solidarity. When I’m not tearing my hair out over some cryptic Bible passage, I can generally be found bingeing on TV Tropes or trying to apply Jewish philosophy to Marvel films, with what can only be described as mixed results.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Rep – Tochi Onuora

Hi, I’m Tochi (he/him), and I’m the BME Rep. I’m a second year at Churchill College, studying Architecture. My job is to represent Black and Minority Ethnic LGBTQ+ students on the committee, in addition to organising events. Intersectionality is something which is often overlooked, and can lead to people who are part of both communities feeling quite isolated or unrepresented. I hope to do work to counter such feelings. If you have any questions, a desire for a chat or any ideas for events, let me know!

Women’s Rep – Elanor Stark

Disabilities Rep – Alfie Vaughan

Hi all, I’m Alfie (he/him), I’m an autistic 2nd year MMLer (French and Portuguese) and when I’m not voguing the house down in Glitterbomb, obsessing over the nichest of linguistic hot takes or, though infrequent, actually doing my degree, I’m representing disabled LGBT+ students in Cambridge. This involves making sure their views are heard and considered in CUSU LGBT+ policy, e.g. making sure all our events are as accessible as possible, providing intersectional welfare, running socials and solidarity events as well as liaising with the DSC (Disabled Students’ Campaign) to make sure I’m doing my job as effectively as possible. Hit me up if you have any questions/concerns/fun language facts.

Bi and Pan Rep – Sophia Andrews

Trans and Non-Binary Rep – Harry Ezra

Hi, I’m Harry (he/him), a first year PBS student at Clare. I’m one of the Trans and Non-Binary Reps, so my role involves running events for trans and non-binary students, as well as providing welfare and support. I’ll also be collaborating with the Campaigns officer on the Why Gender Neutral? campaign, aiming to make the university a more welcoming and accessible place for trans and non-binary people. Email me or message me on Facebook if you’ve got any questions or event suggestions, if there’s anything I can do to help or if you just want a chat

There is also a space on the committee for another Trans and Non-Binary Rep – put yourself forward at our next by-election!

Grad and Mature Students Reps

We are currently looking for two Grad and Mature Students Reps – put yourself forward at our next by-election!

Computing Officer – Ellie Payne

Hey there! I’m Ellie (she/her) and I’m the Computing Officer! I’m a second year Linguistics student at Queens’ College. As Computing Officer I’m here to ensure the smooth running of the technical side of our campaign, and assisting the Communications Officer in creating promotional materials for events run/endorsed by our committee. In my free time I can be found crafting, singing, climbing, eating lots of ice cream and trying to convince the neighbourhood cats to love me. If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions to improve the mailing list, website, termcard, or Facebook page, please get in touch with me by Facebook or email – I’d love to hear from you!

Getting involved

CUSU LGBT+ is a great organisation to get involved in: there is a lot going on from socials to campaigns. You’re welcome to help out organising socials or suggesting and helping with campaigns without holding a position. But if you’re keen to be involved in CUSU LGBT+ you might want to stand for a committee position. This allows you to be involved in running and shaping CUSU LGBT+ as well as looking great on your CV.

The committee meets once a week during term time, generally on Saturday afternoons, and the range of positions available means you have lots of choice as to how to get involved. Depending on the time of year you will either stand for election in an open meeting or can be co-opted to vacant positions by either the committee or an open meeting. Feel free to contact the Chair for more information.