The CUSU LGBT+ committee are elected for year-long terms, with half the roles being elected in late November (end of Michaelmas term), and the other half in late February (end of Lent term). The current committee is listed below.

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President – John Cooper

Hi, I’m John (He/Him), and I’m President of CUSU LGBT+. I’m a second year Compsci at Downing, and when I’m not stuck at the lab, I work to run the campaign, helping on both the political and admin sides. Alongside the LGBT+ committee, I sit on the CUSU exec and attend CUSU council, to represent our constituents. If you want to get in touch with any questions or queries, either email me, or contact us via the Facebook page.

Chair – Daniel Quigley

Hi, I’m Daniel (he/him), second year music student at Magdalene, and I’m delighted to be the Chair of CUSU LGBT+. I’m excited to work with the other committee members, CUSU and Cambridge SU to make this committee work better for our members, especially working with and supporting our members at a distance. I would love to be an open and friendly point of contact for everyone that interacts with our campaign, so please feel free to contact me if you have anything that the committee can help you with.

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Events Officer – Matthew Cavallini

Hi! I’m Matthew, a first-year HSPS student at Selwyn and the new events officer for CUSU LGBT+. As the events officer, I am responsible for organising community-wide events and making sure that Cambridge’s LGBT+ students get the most out of their Cambridge experience with a mixture of exciting and inclusive events to attend. I will be making sure that Cambridge offers social events in a more relaxed setting as well as events for those who are passionate about queer culture. If you have any questions, suggestions or an event you would like help in organising, feel free to email me or find me on Facebook – I would love to speak with you and hear your ideas!

Campaigns Officers – Rowan Fox and Jamie Hancock

Hi! I’m Jamie (he/him, they/them), a 3rd year HSPS-er from Peterhouse and one of your campaigns officers! Alongside Rowan, I’m here to work for you on the campaigns and LGBT+politics that matters most to you. We run both long-term ongoing campaigns and shorter projects – and we’d love for you to be involved! I’m passionate about making the campaign as open and accessible as possible. To help this, we’re running various events – such as frequent campaigns meetups – for discussions and organising. As an example of our ongoing campaigns, ‘Why Gender Neutral?’ has been running since Easter 2018. This campaign focuses on improving Cambridge for non-binary, trans and intersex people. It’s also a space for campaigning on trans issues, rights and politics more generally. If you have any ideas or questions please get in touch!

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Louis is smiling and wearing a rainbow flag. He is crouching in front of a rainbow wall with the words "I love you more today than any other day..." printed on it.

Welfare Officers – Elia and Louis

Hello lovely people, I’m Elia (she/they), the welfare officer, and I’m a first year NatSci at Clare.
As your welfare officer, I aim to make sure that you’re all as healthy as possible, both mentally and physically, despite all the stresses and pressures that we face. In order to do this, there will be things such as welfare drop-ins, an anonymous text service and some really chill events. I’m happy to help signpost you to specific organisations, be a listening ear or just be the person you rant to.
So, whether you want a meeting at a different time to a drop in or you want to think more about the wonderful world of sexual health- Feel free to contact me about anything and I’ll try my best.

Heya! I’m Louis (he/him) and I’m the other welfare officer!
Cambridge can be a very stressful place and its important to look after yourself both mentally and physically, so feel free to get involved in any of the events or drop in sessions Elia and myself are running.
We’re always here to listen and offer support and advice where necessary, whether you want to get out of college for a while, you have specific LGBT+ welfare concerns, or you just want to have a rant. Always feel free to get in touch or come find us!

Finance Officer –  Laurence van Someren

Hi, I’m Laurence (he/him), a second-year studying maths at St John’s. As finance officer my job is to allocate CUSU LGBT+’s budget and make sure we have the funds for all the wonderful campaigning activities and social events organised by the rest of the committee. If you have an LGBT+ related event or campaign and would like us to provide some funding, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Communications – Ben

Hi, I’m Ben (they/them) and I’m a final-year Classicist at St John’s. My favourite food is bread and my favourite colour is roses. I minute our meetings (including the live minutes for the open meetings), send out the listings emails, and manage our social media channels – one of my aims this year is to build our presence on twitter and instagram and make sure the campaign reaches those aren’t on (or aren’t “out” on) facebook.

Do sign up to the mailing list, and if you have an event you’d like CUSU LGBT+ to publicise, please get in contact with me! I’m keen also to hear feedback about how we can make our communications more accessible.

Magazine Editors – Rae & Maddy

Hi! I’m Rae (she/her), a first-year historian at Queens’, and one of the magazine editors. I’m really looking forward to bringing together and showcasing some LGBT+ art this year. In my spare time, I like to read and write, watch a lot of TV and hang out with my dog. Shoot me a message or an email if you have any questions about the magazine.

Hiya! I’m Maddy, she/her, one of your zine editors this year.

The importance of pride can never be underestimated – whether it is gay pride, ginger pride, Hufflepuff pride … it’s not only crucial for our community but also for coming to understand ourselves. The zine is a space for you to engage with that pride, grapple with issues that are particular to queer identities, or say things that cannot be said elsewhere because of discrimination or prejudice. It is your space.

Make sure to keep up to date with the Get Real. website and facebook page, and if you have any ideas for the zine or content you would like to publish then please do get in touch! And don’t be afraid to get creative 🙂

Asexual and Aromanticism Rep – Jenny Hay

Hi! I’m Jenny, a theology student at St Catharine’s, and your asexuality and aromanticism (aka ace/aro) rep.

I’ll do my best to ensure that every student in Cambridge who falls anywhere on the ace or aro spectra, or is questioning if they do, feels safe and welcome, and I plan to host lots of fun events throughout the year, including the now-legendary weekly coffee meets. I also seek to be a friendly face around the uni for any ace/aro students who want a chat and some solidarity.

When I’m not tearing my hair out over some cryptic Bible passage, I can generally be found bingeing on TV Tropes or trying to apply Jewish philosophy to Marvel films, with what can only be described as mixed results.

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Rep – Abdi

Hi, I’m Abdi (he/him), and I’m the BME Rep. I am a first year at Downing College, studying HSPS. My role as BME Rep is to represent Black and Minority Ethnic LGBTQ+ students on the committee, in addition to organising events and helping to support FUSE. To me, it is really important to recognise the intersection between identifying as BME and queer in order to ensure that QTIPOC do not feel isolated due to their identity.

Abdi is grinning into the camera, and wearing a yellow jumper. The sun is shining on his face.

Women’s Rep – Sophie

Hi! I’m Sophie (she/her) and I’m your Women’s Rep! I study HSPS, Sociology, at Jesus and I’m really excited to be a part of CUSU LGBT+. I’m looking forward to running events for queer women in Cam such as crafting, coffee meets, and providing general support – I want to ensure our community is welcoming and inclusive! In my spare time, I love to craft, read, and do yoga! Feel free to pop me a message on anything from welfare to events x

Disabilities Rep – Cecil Bee

Hi, I’m the CUSU LGBT+ disabilities rep! Disabilities covers a wide range of physical disabilities, mental health conditions, learning disabilities and SpLDs, chronic or long-lasting illnesses, and other conditions, so if any of these feels familiar, support is available! I really recommend you check out the Disabled Students’ Campaign and the Disability Resource Centre, as these are also great sources of support and advice for disabled students at Cambridge. Please do get in touch with me if you would like support, have any questions or concerns or ideas for how we could improve accessibility.

Grace is looking into the camera and smiling. Grace is sitting on a bench in bright sunlight, and there is an oleander bush in the background

Bi and Pan Reps – Grace Sayers-McGowan and Angela

Hi, I’m Grace (she/her) and I’m a second-year historian at Emmanuel! I’m one of your two bi/pan reps, and am excited to organise some events for the bi/pan community here at Cam, and to be a friendly face to anyone who needs it.

I really hope everyone will feel welcome at our events and in our community, so please feel free to send any questions or concerns my way at!

Hey! I’m Angela (she/her) and I’m a first year Classicist at Clare. I’m one of your bi/pan reps and alongside Grace, I’ll be running movie nights, welfare teas, coffee mornings, and other exciting events for anyone who identifies and bi or pan! I’m keen to engage with and provide safe spaces for bi/pan students, and ensure that we have the support and encouragement we need to thrive here. I’m excited to continue to cultivate our warm and vibrant community, and I’m always down to listen to anything you have to say – please get in touch if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns (or just want to have a chat!) x

Trans and Non-Binary Reps – Milo and Frankie Arren

Hi, I’m Milo (they/he) and I’m a second year Phys NatSci at Newnham. I am one of the two Trans and Non-Binary Reps. I run events for the trans and non-binary students of Cambridge, and also provide support. I also work with Campaigns to make the university a more welcoming place for trans and non-binary people.

If you have any questions, event suggestions, or if you need a chat I am available on Facebook or by email.

Hi, I’m Frankie (he/they), a first-year HSPS student at Clare. I’m one of the trans and non-binary reps and my role is to provide welfare and community for trans students in Cambridge, as well as campaign for rights and awareness in colleges and across the uni. Trans officers work closely with the ‘Why Gender Neutral?’ campaign and WomCam to improve trans inclusion in Cambridge. If you ever have questions, ideas, or just want a chat, I am always around and can be contacted on email or Facebook. Frankie is grinning and looking into the camera. There is a green field behind him, and blue sky.

Grad and Mature Students Reps – Debbie Aitken

Hi, I’m Debbie and I am a final year PhD student and your Grad Rep for this year. Like many part-time PhD students, I currently work full-time outside of Cambridge (I am a Senior Lecturer in Medical Education at Edinburgh University) however I come to Cambridge every 4-6 weeks to see my supervisor. In my free time, I like to run (slowly!) with Edinburgh Frontrunners (LGBT+ running club), read fiction and do yoga. I also run the Cambridge University Medical Anthropology Society.

My main role as Grad Rep is to represent and support LGBT+ students who are graduates or who are (or self-identify as) mature students. I’m also hoping to organise social events for LGBT+ grad and mature students when I’m in Cambridge, but in the meantime, if you want to suggest events, or want help publicising your own events, you can email me, or message me on Facebook.

Feel free to join our Facebook group for updates on
LGBT+ Grad and Mature Student Socials. I’m also running “Shut Up and Write” sessions online.

Tom is smiling and looking in to the camera and wearing a white hoodie and grey and black coat. The background is some trees and blue sky

Class Act Rep – Tom McGachie

Hi! I’m Tom, a 2nd Year student at Trinity studying French, Russian and Modern Greek. I’m your new Class Act Officer for CUSU LGBT+.

My role is all about representing the voices of LGBT+ students who also identify with one or multiple of the Class Act backgrounds, such as state-comp educated, first generation university students, or working class. I’m really looking forward to working alongside the other reps to create a space that makes you feel welcome and heard, as well as providing the opportunity to discuss any issues you might have that relate to your background.

Watch out for news and events that I will be organising over the course of the year, and I hope to see you very soon––see me around town? Feel free to come say ‘Hi!’
and introduce yourself!

Computing Officer – Ellie Payne

Hey there! I’m Ellie (she/her) and I’m the Computing Officer! I’m a third year Linguistics student at Queens’ College.

As Computing Officer I’m here to ensure the smooth running of the technical side of our campaign, and assisting the Communications Officer in creating promotional materials for events run/endorsed by our committee. In my free time I can be found crafting, singing, climbing, baking loads of cakes and trying to convince the neighbourhood cats to love me.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions to improve the mailing list, website, termcard, or Facebook page, please get in touch with me by Facebook or email – I’d love to hear from you!

Getting involved

CUSU LGBT+ is a great organisation to get involved in: there is a lot going on from socials to campaigns. You’re welcome to help out organising socials or suggesting and helping with campaigns without holding a position. But if you’re keen to be involved in CUSU LGBT+ you might want to stand for a committee position. This allows you to be involved in running and shaping CUSU LGBT+ as well as looking great on your CV.

The committee meets once a week during term time, generally on Saturday afternoons, and the range of positions available means you have lots of choice as to how to get involved. Depending on the time of year you will either stand for election in an open meeting or can be co-opted to vacant positions by either the committee or an open meeting. Feel free to contact the Chair for more information.