The CUSU LGBT+ banner logo. There is a drawing of a university building against a blue sky, and the building is flying a rainbow flag. In the centre there is a rainbow crest of arms of the University, with a banner with the words "CUSU LGBT+" on it.


> Read our LGBT+ Freshers’ Guide <

Welcome to the homepage of the Cambridge University LGBT+ campaign! We are a CUSU liberation campaign run by students within the university. We run a range of social and educational events, including regular coffee meets, speaker events, pub crawls and more!

This site contains various resources related to the campaign, such as events listings, all sorts of LGBT+ resources, and info about our various initiatives including our Library and Get Real, our regular publication.

You can keep track of us on our Facebook page and group. The public page contains all our upcoming events, whilst the group is a more general moderated discussion forum where anyone can post news and events. You can also subscribe to our main weekly listings mailing list cusu-lgbt-listings, or to the more specific trans mailing list. Finally, you can find us on Twitter.

Make sure to check out our new campaign, Why Gender-Neutral?

Our aim is to bring more visibility to issues related to gender-neutrality, and to provide resources to help student representatives push for change in colleges and faculties. The campaign focuses on three main areas: degendering bathrooms, dress codes, and admin.

If you want to help or learn more about the campaign, you can go to the pages available in the menu or follow the campaign on Facebook. You can also read our guides on how to implement change on our three areas of focus:
– Toilets: GN Bathrooms Guide
– Dress codes: GN Dress Codes Guide
– Admin: GN Admin Guide