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Our committee contains an general Welfare Officer as well as representatives for various different groups within the LGBT+ community. You can contact any of us whenever if you’re looking for advice or support on LGBT+ related issues, or if you have comments or suggestions for events and resources.

For example you might want to include some general grievances such as visibility issues, feeling marginalised within the LGBT+ community, anything you think we’d be able to provide solid advice on (note however we’re not counselors or anything, so there’s only a certain extent to which we can help with things like mental health stuff). In addition we’re open to suggestions for more welfare or minority related events you’d like us to run, and will also be happy to support events you want to run yourself.

If you just want to make some comment yet remain anonymous that’s completely fine, though of course this means we’ll be unable to respond. For more urgent issues or anything abuse related see LGBT+phobia contact form where we have more experience handling with one-off anonymous incidents, this form is intended to be more casual and hopefully something you’re okay with un-anonymously (what’s the opposite of “anonymously”? “nonymously”?)

Please note that we unfortunately don’t have elected grad or women’s reps. We hold to fill these positions in a byelection early in Easter 2017.

Keep in mind this form is mostly intended as a welfare thing. To contact any other committee members please email directly, addresses can be found on the committee page. You’re also welcome to post more general queries or ideas in our Facebook group, or bringing them up at open meetings (we’re going to trying to run at least two a term from now on).

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