The CUSU LGBT+ committee are elected for year-long terms, with half the roles being elected in late November (end of Michaelmas term), and the other half in late February (end of Lent term). The current committee is listed below. Apologies for the inconsistent photos – we’re going to do a little committee photo shoot at the start of next term.

President – Tom Ashford

Hi, I’m Tom (they/them), a second year undergrad at St John’s. My job is to oversee the goings-on of our committee and try make sure all the roles are integrating well together. I’m our primary voice on CUSU council, which means I try my best to communicate any LGBT+ issues raised by the community to CUSU and the university in general. I’m also first point of contact for most external matters, so communicate with local charities, larger student organisations like the NUS, and the various individuals that get in touch with us. My personal life is deeply boring, mostly just pretending I’m clever and listening to music no one else likes. I was pushed down a hill by a cow once.

Chair –  Simon

Hi! I’m Simon (he/him), a second year Human, Social and Political Sciences student at St John’s College. I am responsible for the internal running of the Campaign: I organise Exec and Open Meetings, and work with the President to oversee the work of the Committee. I also help the Finance Officer with our budget, and I am in charge of elections and the Constitution. Other than that, I like languages, maps, and making fun of traditional British customs.

Campaigns – Saskia Ross

Finance – Adrienn Jenei

Hi! I am Adrienn (she/her), a Human, Social and Political Sciences student at Newnham College. I am responsible for the Campaign’s budget and ensuring that every event and campaign is well-funded. I also keep in touch with our sponsors!

Welfare – Devarshi Lodhia

Reps Coordinator – Dom Wheeler

Hi, I’m Dom and I pretend to study geography at Jesus. As part of my role, I keep in contact with all the LGBT+ reps across the colleges to ensure that the LGBT+ community across the university is on the same page and working towards the same goals, and that the reps have the support they need to fulfil their role as best they can.

Communications – Jess Sharpe

Get Real Editor – Emma Lenton (Michelmas) & Michael Davin (Lent)


Hi! I’m Michael (pronouns he/him), a Phys NatSci at Sidney Sussex and one of the editors of Get Real this year. The magazine is a space for the views and experiences of LGBT+ people in Cambridge to get a voice, so if you have news, comment, creative writing, webcomics, eight movement symphonies or nuclear codes to share with this community, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Asexual Rep – Aled Powell

BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) Rep – Hakan Sandal


Hi! I’m Hakan (pronouns he/him), the new BME Rep! I’m currently reading for a PhD in Centre for Gender Studies, focusing on LGBTs in the Middle East. My main role, as a BME Representative, is to represent the interests of Black and Minority Ethnic LGBT+ students of Cambridge University, and in a broader sense, to establish a solidarity network for BME LGBT+ people. The difficulties, if not racism, LGBT+ people of colour may encounter can substantially be overcome by a solid and vivid solidarity, in which we should be constantly investing. So, either for a chat or discussion, or just to share your experience, feel free to contact me!

Women’s Rep – Position not filled – byelections Easter term 2017

Disabilities Rep – Danielle Bradford

Hello! I’m Danielle, a 1st year undergraduate student studying HSPS at St John’s. My job is to oversee the safety and wellbeing of all LGBT+ students who are identify as disabled, and ensure all events are easily accessible. I always welcome any feedback regarding accessibility, as well as any ideas for events/projects you may have, or if you just need someone to chat to. Personally there isn’t much to say – I really like osteology and spend much of my time looking at bones. I’m the girl whose records you can hear from St John’s porters lodge, with the 7ft Christmas tree in her window. ‘

Bi Rep – Amber Reeves Pigott

Trans Rep – Ali Hyde

the yorkshire express guy is not a committee member

Hi! I’m Ali (he/him/they/them), I’m a first year HSPS student at Downing and I am your Trans Rep. I’m particularly interested in providing a source of support and information for those who identify as trans so please contact me with any concerns, questions or just for a chat – I will usually be at the Trans Coffee Meetings at the weekend so that’s a good time to catch me in person. When I’m not thinking about the economic legacies of colonialism, I play the clarinet and saxophone, sing, draw, birdwatch and read poetry.

Grad Rep – Thomas O’Connor

Events Officers

Since November 2016 events (a.k.a socials and ents) has consisted of an informal subcommittee. Technically the winner of the elections was Miranda but by an incredibly close margin (a change of one person’s third preference could have affected the outcome, and the top 5 candidates were within 2-3 first preferences apart). The current subcommittee consists of Miranda Imperial, Sarah Christie, Siyang Wei, Hettie Blohm, Johnathan Doyle, Jay Woods and Matt Hankin.


Hi everyone! I’m the Miranda (she/her), a second year HSPS student at Queens’, and one of your Social Events Officers! This year, I, along with the events team, will be working on setting up an accessible and inclusive CUSU LGBT+ endorsed club night as well as arranging many more socials (coffee meets and the likes). I’m also looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on ents, so feel free to email with any and all suggestions!


Hi I’m Hettie (she/ her) and I’m a first year HSPS student at Newnham! I’m really excited to work on making CUSU LGBT+ more accessible and friendly, so am looking forward to helping run lots of socials and hopefully weekly brunch meet-ups (I’m a total brunch fiend and it’s a fab way to see other colleges too). If anyone has any suggestions or feedback I’d love to have a chat! I also row for Newnham Boat Club, am one of Newnham’s RAG reps, and generally spend the rest of my time thinking about Lady Gaga.

Hi, I’m Sarah (she/her), a second year HSPS student at Newnham. I’m really looking forward to working with the rest of the Social and Ents team this year to put together a busy, inclusive and accessible array of events for the LGBT+ community in Cambridge and would love to hear new and exciting ideas people have for bringing us together! When I’m not social and ent-ing, I play Quidditch, eat too many burritos and spend a lot of time trying to convince everyone of the joys of using Google drive.

Getting involved

CUSU LGBT+ is a great organisation to get involved in, there is a lot going on from socials to campaigns. You’re welcome to help out organising socials or suggesting and helping with campaigns without holding a position. But if you’re keen to be involved in CUSU LGBT+ you might want to stand for a committee position. This allows you to be involved in running and shaping CUSU LGBT+ as well as looking great on your CV.

The committee meets once a week during term time, generally on Sunday afternoons and the range of positions available means you have lots of choice as to how to get involved. Depending on the time of year you will either stand for election in an open meeting or can be coopted to vacant positions by either the committee or an open meeting. Feel free to contact the Chair for more information.