Student Experience Project 7

Having been brought up in a family that was largely Muslim, in a conservative part of the UK, I never felt that I could be open my bisexuality before coming to Cambridge. Beyond a couple of close friends, I was unable to be myself completely due to the knowledge that […]

Website overhaul!

I’ve given the website a long overdue revamp, improving the graphics and organisation of our pages. Loads of work was put into turning this site into a significant knowledgebase of all stuff LGBT+, unfortunately more recent committees have yet to continue that until now. From now on we’ll be posting […]

Student Experience 6

In Freshers’ Week, our college chaplain told us all something along the lines of “Don’t feel like you have to stay good friends with the very first people you meet. When I was at uni, I didn’t meet my really close friends until second year, and that’s okay.” It was […]

Listings 26/01/15

Here are this weeks events all in one place! Monday 26/01 7.15pm – Trans-positive Feminism Talk @ St John’s College, Boys Smith Room In response to the invitation of Germaine Greer to speak at the Union, CUSU LGBT+ and CUSU Women’s Campaign are hosting a joint event to celebrate and […]

Spectrum Feedback

We need your opinions on Spectrum! We want to make sure that Spectrum is as inclusive as possible to everyone across the LGBT+ community in Cambridge, but to do so, we need your thoughts. What do you like about it? What would you improve? Is there anything putting you off […]

LISTINGS [03/10/14]

Monday 06/10 LGBT+ Mingle (at the Vaults Bar, Get to know some other LGBT+ people in Cambridge over drinks/meet some old friends. We will be heading to Spectrum (see below) at 11.30. 9.30 pm – 11.30 pm   LGBT+ Graduates Mixer Jesus College 20.00 – 23.00 At the […]

LISTINGS [29/09/14]

Hey everyone, Hope you’ve all had marvellous summers! There will be a proper listings in a day or two once some details for freshers week events have been finalised but there are just a couple of networking events whose details I wanted to forward on to you all asap. Enjoy […]

Student Experience 5

Before Cambridge, I was at an all-boys’ school and I don’t think coming out as trans* under those circumstances would have been easy even had I not been completely and utterly confused about my identity anyway. I can’t say for certain whether things would have been different if I’d gone […]

Student Experience 4

My experiences at Cambridge have been quite mixed and it’s difficult to work out which things are solely “LGBT” relevant. This isn’t necessarily bad, though – bi people and trans people both have higher-than-average incidences of mental illness, so seeing how the University copes with that thrown into the mix […]

Student Experience 3

“CUSU LGBT+ really has been foundational to providing a new range of social experiences since I came out in October 2012, some two years after matriculating here at Cambridge. The LGBT+ community here has been nothing but welcoming, inclusive, and friendly to me. I’ve managed to meet some of my […]

Student Experience 2

“I decided to come out when I got to uni because it seemed easier (instead of having to correct people’s assumptions, they could just know I wasn’t straight from the start). Personally, I have had a very positive experience at many levels, for example: my teachers, while sometimes ignorant about […]

Student experience 1

“I knew I was interested in guys before I came to Cambridge, but didn’t feel the need to shout about it. I went onto the college’s anonymous LGBT mailing list to see what events were happening but didn’t attend any of the first few things. Apart from the college rep, […]